Welcome to Lops on the Lake

Lops on the Lake is a division of BelleOaks Farm, LLC run by Tom and Mib Wood.  Mib has been involved with breeding high quality rabbits since 2008 - formerly at M&M Heritage Farm. We are now exclusively breeding Holland Lops. Holland Lops are the smallest of the Lop type rabbit.  They are extremely gentle and love to be held and petted so they make ideal pets for children.

We are breeders of high quality Holland Lop rabbits.  We are members of the American Rabbit Breeders Association, the NC Rabbit Breeders Association and the Holland Lop Rabbit Speciality Club.

Our goal is to provide you with a highly socialized bunny who loves human attention.  All of our babies are held every day and get to play outside. They may even get Cheerio treats!

If you are looking for breeding and/or show stock, we do have that quality available for you to start your herd or add superior genetics to your herd.  We breed to produce Hollands to ARBA standards.

Please take a look at current bunnies we have for sale as well as ones that we are expecting or are in the nestbox.

Non-refundable deposits are required on all rabbits - no exceptions.  If you see a bunny on our For Sale page, you may contact us via this website (click on the More tab).  Also, we may be reached at LopsOnTheLake@gmail.com

We will deliver bunnies, either by auto or plane. Yes, our bunnies can travel in their own private plane - thanks to Tom!